Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Canvas

I found these little tiny canvases at Joann's one day. They are 3 x 3 and 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I thought they would be so cute on the little wooden easels that they had right next to them. The first ones I did were for Valentine's Day and they said L-O-V-E. The next set said L-U-C-K for St Patrick's Day. I couldn't come up with a four letter word for Easter, so I found some new black wire easels at Dollar Tree (2 for $1!!!) and made these:

Out of this:

This is a very simple project to do. You'll need the following items:
*scrapbook paper of your choice
*letters to spell out EASTER
*Mod Podge & sponge brush
*Hot Glue gun
*embellishments (ribbon, rhinestones, etc)
*craft paint in color of your choice

*Paint the edges of your canvases, you could leave white which I did on these because it was Sunday and I was going back to work but wanted to get these done.
*Cut your paper the size of the canvas or slightly smaller if you used paint. You'll get the same matting effect as the name tiles if they're smaller.
*Using sponge brush, paint Mod Podge on back of paper and on canvas to adhere paper to canvas, allow to dry maybe 5-10 minutes.
*Paint Mod Podge on the canvas to attach your letters. I used my Cricut die cut machine for my letters or you could use sticker letters or guy precut letters from a scrapbook store. Set letter down and allow to sit for 1 minute and then apply a coat of Mod Podge over the entire top of canvas.
*Using your hot glue gun attach embellishments as desired. I used 2 types of ribbon, rhinestones, paper flowers and a key. The great thing about this is I literally just pulled out what I already had to decorate them. I know not everyone has a bunch of craft stuff so you could just buy some ribbon and some rhinestones and that would work. Ribbon is $1 and a pack of rhinestones was less than $3.

On the subject of cost. I'm all about finding good deals and making good use of your money. If you're going to start making crafts and you don't have a lot of the supplies, you don't have to spend a lot. At Dollar Tree you could pick up a hot glue gun and a pack of refills for... you guessed it $2! When I have an item that is expensive, I save up my 40% coupons from Joann's and Michaels. For example, my bottle of Mod Podge was bought with the coupon and I've had it almost a year. It lasts a long time and I use it often. Same with the E6000 glue that I mentioned in an earlier post. I tend to pick things up when I find something I like that I KNOW I'm going to use. I try not to buy stuff just for the sake of buying it, I try to have a specific use in mind.

If you have any questions regarding any of the projects, just leave a comment. Or even if you don't have a question... leave a comment:) This will probably be the last post until next week. Fresno State baseball is playing at home all weekend and then back to work on Sunday! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Very cute-I just love the Dollar Tree for cheap craft ideas. Each week I usually visit about an hour before Girl Scouts to figure out what the Troop will be doing that day.

  2. You are so creative Aunt Marcie!

  3. OK, I finally figured out how to start following your blog!!! Wow! Lol... I really love all your stuff girl!! Very Cute!