Sunday, June 6, 2010

"I can do 5 things with that!"

Ok, so not really 5 things..... Without naming names, I have this friend who I amuse because I'm always looking at different ways to use things. We have a great time laughing about my repurposing ways and Julie will show me something and say, "quick! name 5 things you can do with this!" Oh, I guess I gave her name away, but I don't think she'll mind, she's a pretty good sport. When I'm searching for goodies at thrift shops I'm in the zone. I'll pick something up and just stare at it trying to come up with a way to make it something better... new and improved if you will.

I spotted this glass vase and metal stand and I'm looking at the vase thinking that I really like the shape but some yahoo painted it silver and didn't even do a very good job, it was pretty splotchy. I was trying to think of a way to remove the paint to return its to its original glory, but everything I thought of sounded like too much work. I love doing projects, but they have to be quick. I doubt you'll ever see me refinish a large piece of furniture on this blog... I'd never finish it and there are too many steps. Soooooo.... I went ahead and bought this stuff and when I got home I remembered that I finally found a can of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. This paint is talked about all over blogland so of course I wanted some. So I properly spray painted the vase and the metal stand and when they were dry, I glued them together using my E6000 adhesive. And wallah.... this is what I have.

I love it and think it will be great for Halloween decorations. There isn't any paint in the inside so burning a candle won't be a problem. So what do you think?? Oh, I forgot to tell you... this stuff was on the 5/$1 table, so not counting my paint---- $0.40 Can't beat that with a stick!

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  1. Awesome! It looks great!

    Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!